After living between New Jersey and Virginia in the US to a couple of years in Mexico City, Mexico and finally, to Texas with my family, I went on to attend the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey and later Syracuse Architecture in New York. After graduation,  moved to New York City to work at an architecture firm for two years. I am now enrolled in a full stack web development bootcamp, learning how to code with Ruby and JavaScript and also working on developing facade alternatives for a cinema in Vietnam.

What I’ve Worked on

I worked in an architecture firm for two years as part of the design team, creating and editing 3D models and presentation materials in the concept phase of new business proposals. I researched emergent architectural software, developed workflows, and aided in implementing workflows in design projects. I also organized and taught accredited training courses on new software and standardized workflows.

Looking Forward

I am seeking a role in a company that combines my passion for new technology and experience as a junior architectural designer to develop, research, and implement workflows and applications for architectural projects.