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Facade Studies with Rhino + GH

I laid out a couple of basic ideasĀ of a facade for my colleague to try out on her own. I’ll post the GH file here for anyone who’s interested in taking a look or wants to try it out as well.



The example starts out with a reference surface that represents the front facade of the building. From this, the needed inputs are extracted to create a base grid.



From the extracted elements, such as the centroid and normals, a grid is created using the contour component. To achieve a gradient effect when the lines are overlayed to create the grid, an exponential function is added to the input of distances for the contour component.



Finally, the 3D result can be anything, and in this example, the intersection points from the previously created grid are moved up to create an extrusion. The variances are refactored by using the graph mapper as a visual representation of the changing magnitudes of those points.